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Your #1 Writing Tutor

I grew up in beautiful Marin County with my mother, twin sister, and a houseful of animals. My love for the language arts can be traced back to the 8th grade, and has been a guiding force in my personal, academic and professional life ever since. In 2014 I received my BA in literature and poetry translation from Hampshire College, Massachusetts. In the Spring of 2017 I completed my Masters degree in English Literature at Mills College, Oakland, where I explored the anti-imperial implications of Virginia Woolf's mellifluous prose and unconventional use of grammar in her 1927 novel,To the Lighthouse. In 2018 I taught at Sonoma Academy, Santa Rosa, as a Spanish teacher and English writing coach, and have recently completed a teaching position in history & humanities at Credo High School.

No matter where life takes me, I always return to literature for the way language is, like my own path, a web of remarkable connections whose overarching design sometimes glimmers poetically overhead, but more often assembles unsuspectedly and prosaically across complicated terrain. Like Virginia Woolf's novels, our stories need not follow a conventional line to be meaningful; it is in their unconventionality across which meaning, I have found, takes the strongest hold.

With three years of experience as a multi-discipline writing tutor and teacher, and as a lifetime-student to my own creative and critical writing process, I confidently offer my services to all who need assistance putting words to their unique story. Whether it’s a midterm paper due next week, a personal statement that projects years into the future, or a collection of poems that need a new ear to articulate a silent truth, my joy lies in helping you align your language with your life, what you see with how you "say" yourself into the world. Finding this unity is incredibly fulfilling, but it is also a constant practice, to which I am happy to have dedicated my personal and professional life.

Outside my academic and professional pursuits, I love writing poetry, traveling, practicing visual art, yoga, and baking. To learn more about me, follow my blog page, now connected to this site https://www.writealigncoaching.com/blog