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About Me: Martha Krausz

Writer, Editor, Coach

"If only she could put them together, she felt, write them out in some sentence, then she would have got at the truth of things." - Virginia Woolf, To The Lighthouse


Welcome to my website! I grew up in beautiful Marin County with my mother, twin sister, and a houseful of animals. My love for the language arts can be traced back to the 8th grade, and has been a guiding force in my personal, academic and professional life.


In 2014 I received my BA in literature and poetry translation from Hampshire College, Massachusetts. In 2017 I completed my Masters degree in English Literature at Mills College, Oakland, where I explored the anti-imperial implications of Virginia Woolf's mellifluous prose


No matter where life takes me, I always return to literature for the way language is, like my own path, a web of remarkable, often unmapped, connections. Like Virginia Woolf's novels, our stories need not follow a conventional line to be meaningful; it is in their unconventionality across which meaning, I have found, takes the strongest hold.

With five years of experience as a multi-discipline writing tutor and teacher, and as a lifetime-student to my own writing & publishing journey, I confidently offer copywriting services (blogs, newsletters, articles), developmental & line editing  (I  help you structure & polish your essays and stories) and process-coaching (I use an IFS lens to help you: identify the parts or "internal authors" that shape your writing process; work through fear/resistance; restore leadership to your curious, courageous, writing Self). I work across genres, but have most experience in creative nonfiction, short stories, and literary analysis. Please email me to learn more about whether I'd be a good fit for your project!

I am here to help you tell the story you have to tell. Whether you are writing a personal statement, a creative nonfiction essay, a story collection, or a blog, my joy lies in helping you align your language with your life. Finding this unity is incredibly fulfilling, but it is also a difficult and constant practice, to which I am happy to be dedicating my personal and professional life.


Personal passions: I am a published essayist & poet, a Best of The Net Nominee, an assistant editor for Pithead Chapel,  and a writer & activist for the eating disorder prevention nonprofit, The Body Positive. I'm currently working on a collection of essays that explores the relationship between food, language, and the body.


Email me at to see how I can support you in your next writing project.

I look forward to connecting!

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