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"I never thought of writing as one of my strong suits before working with Write Align . . .I now have more confidence."

- Senior in high school.

"Write Align has helped me find more joy in writing."

- Sophomore in high school.


"Martha is great at adapting to the methods students need in order to ensure that their final product cannot be topped. I can't think of another way in which I could have made my essays better than they are. I have Martha to thank for that."

- Redwood High student who got into his top two schools, CU Boulder and UVM.


"I felt a passion about these essays that I'd never felt before while writing essays" - Senior in high school.

"Our deep talks about our lives helped me dig deep into my past, into who I truly am, and who I wish to become. ... Martha has helped me more than any English or writing teacher ever has."

- Senior in high school. 

"After working with Martha, I undoubtedly feel more prepared for college. I feel I have learned how to thoroughly write and edit my essays." - College essay student.

"Write Align helped me gain confidence to apply for a science journalism internship  . . . I was able to develop the necessary skills in order to write detailed articles on a variety of topics, regardless of whether or not I was familiar with them." - Sophomore at Terra Linda High.

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